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Cold Agglomerate Plants

Cold Agglomerate Plants 60Ton/Hour

Cold cluster plants are manufactured according to IMPAC's engineering, design, and drawing or they will be custom-built for the client.
Composed of 2 or 3 hoppers, 2 conveyor belts, inert mixing tank with a sealed box, manganese steel arms, storage tank, product heating through thermal oil, resistors or diesel injection, various component frameworks, electrical panels, and others.
Application: Production of cold asphalt mixtures.
Advantages of cold cluster plants:
- Can be manufactured for stock;
- Does not require good weather for application;
- Does not require specialized personnel.
Technical Data: 
1 Mixer
Oil-filled sealed box
Manganese steel arms
6,000 mm conveyor belt
10,000 mm conveyor belt
Ribbed screens
Support structures and frames, frameworks
2 or 3 silos
1 Feeding tank
2 Gearmotors
Panel boxes
Other components
Manufactured by IMPAC

Cold Mix Mixer IM 55 E

Capacity 4 Tons/Hour;
Equipped with electric gearmotor;
Used in road preservation.
This equipment, model IM 55 E, is a unique and economical small-scale production equipment for the manufacturing of cold mix material. Its high mobility and ease of placing the machine at the work site make this unit "Always ready to work."
Technical Data:
Length: 2.500 meters;
Width: 0.800 meters;
Height: 1.550 meters;
Weight: 475 Kilos.
Other technical data and features will be provided upon request.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Mobile Asphalt Plant


One or two silos; 2 conveyor belts; 80 / 100 Ton/hour mixer in a sealed box; electrical panel; generator.
The plant is placed on a semi-trailer, providing easy movement of all equipment. Facilitated manufacturing.
There is no need to wait for good weather conditions for its application, and it does not require specialized personnel.
Customer references available.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Mobile Reservoir

Mobile reservoir with a capacity of 12,000 to 15,000 liters.
Double lining for suction, storage, heating, spreading, and transfer of the product.
Includes a compressor for painting purposes.
Easy mobility: can be used for feeding asphalt plants, among other applications.
Customer references available.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Cold Asphalt Mixer

The production of the IM 80 to 100 Ton asphalt mixer is related to the speed determined by the gearmotor. Impac programs the speed in their asphalt plants.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Wear Parts for Asphalt Plants and Crushing Plants


Wear materials for asphalt plants, Impac, crushers, and others.

Manufactured by IMPAC.