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Reservoirs for Naphtha

IM 8,000 liters reservoirs

Semi-automatic reservoirs with cylindrical manufacturing, capped, with manhole, double lining, heating through injection burners, spreading with two hoses or pneumatic ramp and lateral extenders, prepared to perform suction, transfer, return, and heating in the shortest time possible.
Manufactured according to ADR regulations.
Manual or automatic burners (Riello, Dumpy, and Bechett) with diesel injection.
Technical Data:
Manufactured by IMPAC.
Warranty; Technical assistance; detailed instructions; customer references.

IM 1,000 to 6,000 liters reservoirs

Storage, heating, suction, transfer, and spreading of glues, tar, and other products.
These are high-performance tanks capable of optimizing any type of project and meeting the needs of the best specialists.
There is a wide range of models designed to meet any type of requirement, both in capacity, ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 liters or others, and in any form of manual or automatic operation.
Technical Data:
Approved and ADR compliant.
Manufactured by IMPAC.
Warranty; Technical support; Detailed instructions; Customer references.

IM 2,000 liters Self-propelled reservoir

Cabin vehicle, with single or double traction and cylindrical reservoir or according to the requested specifications for storage, suction, return, and transfer of glues, tar, and other products.
Reservoir with air-cooled diesel engine, electric start;
Compressor; 1 Diesel burner; 2 Spreaders;
2 Hoses for spreading; Double lining;
Technical Data:
Vehicle with engine: Lombardini (Bicilindrico)
Cabin: Foldable metal cabin with tempered glass.
Suspension: Rigid at the rear and springs and shock absorbers at the front.
Brakes: Hydraulic, discs, and drums, Parking brake.
Transmission: 5-speed + 1 - lever for slow and fast speeds
Maximum speed: 39 Km/h
Axle: Twisted by half-shaft
Power Supply: 12 V electric, 80 A battery
Tires: 185x14 C BPR or 6.00 /6.40 - 14
Spare Wheel
Manufactured by IMPAC.

IM 1,000 liters Towable reservoir

Towable reservoirs for tar or adhesives, equipped with suction, transfer of products, heating, and spreading, with two outlets.
Technical Data:
Capacity from 1000 to 2000 liters. Tar pump heated with engine exhaust gases. Heating system through a burner driven by the compressor.
8.5 hp Diesel engine. Towable transport with hitch.
Shoe brakes on both rear wheels.
Irrigation pump: Gear pump, pressure of 6 kg/cm2, flow rate of 180 liters, automatic discharge valve at 6 kg/cm2, single-reducer for low-pressure air supply (1/1.5 kg/cm2). Non-return valve at the reservoir outlet to protect the air circuit from possible errors during cleaning.
Front axle with parking wheel.
Direct suction system from drums to the reservoir.
Equipped with a cleaning system for the spreading circuit using compressed air.
Reservoir with double lining and thermal insulation for efficient energy utilization.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

35,000 liters reservoir

Hatz diesel engine with electric and cord starting, reversible, with 13 to 15 Hp;
3" petrol pump with a capacity of 30,000 L/h;
1 burner for rapid product heating;
The desired temperature will be set on the thermostat so that the burner maintains this setting by turning on and off to keep the temperature inside the tank even while in operation;
1 fuel tank for burner activation and general cleaning;
Automatic burner powered by 24 V and 220 V, supplied with 24 V from the rear of the truck or with 230 V on-site if necessary; Lined with polished aluminum sheet.
Pump with double heating chamber
Automatic flow meter
Automatic meter for product speed and outlet pressure
Automatic slow-speed meter on the vehicle
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Self-supporting reservoir

Capacity of 30,000 L, constructed in stainless steel with variable capacities, for transportation of gasoline and asphalt with storage, heating, suction, transfer, and spreading of the product using a hose. It includes a ramp and automatic side sprinklers.
Technical Data:
Construction, insulation, and descriptive documentation will be provided upon request.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Gasoline reservoir for 1,000 to 20,000 liters.

The gasoline reservoirs with double lining, heating, and product spreading are built according to the technology for bituminous irrigation, allowing for strong fan-shaped projections onto the ground.
These reservoirs are equipped with the self-supply function. It is equipment designed to optimize work on-site and is very easy to operate.
We offer a wide range of models to meet the customer's needs, ranging from 1,000 liters to 20,000 liters, with one or two simultaneous watering outlets, with automatic spreading through a bar or pneumatic ramp, with or without side extensions. Other components can be provided for spreading through the cabin, controlled by a computer and with a flow meter.
We aim to meet the needs of construction companies by providing equipment of equal quality to European manufacturers and easy handling.
We guarantee detailed instructions as well as immediate assistance when requested.
Dados Técnicos:
Fabrico IMPAC.
Approved with ADR.

Gasoline reservoir

The spreading of the product, in this model and others, can be done manually, using 1 or 2 watering lances simultaneously, or through a manual or automatic ramp, with watering control in the cabin using a computerized system.
All reservoirs manufactured by Impac are of the highest performance, capable of meeting the requirements of any construction company.
Built with a double chamber heating pump
Automatic flow meter
Automatic meter for speed and pressure of the product output
Automatic meter for slow speed in the vehicle
Fabrico IMPAC

Road Repair Equipment

Vehicle with double cabin:
1,000 L reservoir for gasoline or adhesives with 2 watering outlets.
Dump truck bed for loading machinery (vibratory compactors, plates, or others) and gravel loading.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Reservoirs for removable gasoline tanks ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 liters.

Reservoirs for storage and spreading of adhesives and other prepared products, designed to be removable.
All accessories are mounted on chassis and are prepared to be removable using 4 lifting eyes, allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes.
We manufacture removable reservoirs in various capacities, container-based reservoirs with heating kits, or others tailored to their intended use.
Fabrico IMPAC.

Trailer Tank

Towable reservoir from 1,000 to 3,000 L; single or double axle; 700x16 wheels; parking brake; lighting;
3,000 L reservoir
Air-cooled diesel engine; discharge mouth for 3 drums; self-loading and unloading; pump with heating chamber and flow rate of 20,000 L/hour; 2 watering outlets; suction tube; compressor; thermometer, regulator, pressure gauge, and others.
Manufactured by IMPAC.
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Fixed or Mobile Reservoirs

Self-loading and vice versa.
Product spreading with one or two sprayers simultaneously. Option of pneumatic or mobile bar from 3 to 4 m. Various dimensions and capacities.
Technical Data:
Impac's heating reservoirs are built with the most advanced technology for bituminous irrigation. They are the result of our experience over the past 40 years.
These detachable reservoirs accommodate various sizes to fit different types of vehicles.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Tank for Heating Drums of 10,000 to 20,000 Liters

Two burners for product heating; one burner for drum heating; diesel/electric or thermal oil engine.
Possibility of mounting the tank on the vehicle: direct product spreading with two sprayers and a spreading ramp of 3 to 4 meters.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Electric Heating Reservoir

Electric Heating
Automatic temperature control
Return and recycling
Gear pump (cast iron, with double heating chamber; flanged with 1 1/2" outlet with splined shaft, 30mm shaft end outlet; working speed up to 120 RPM)
Heating chamber
Electric gearmotor
Possibility of programmed start and shutdown times.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Tank for Gasoline or Adhesives - 15,000 Liters capacity.

Pneumatic spreading bar of 3 meters with 700mm lateral extensions.
2 Sprinklers.
Tray for storage of respective accessories.
Automatic burner.
Automatic watering for any type of gasoline.
Self-loading and vice versa.
Pump with double heating chamber.
Automatic flow meter.
Automatic speed and product outlet pressure meter.
Automatic slow speed meter in the vehicle.
Manufactured by IMPAC.
Further technical information will be provided upon request.

Reservoir for 12,000 liters of gasoline

Aquecimento automático
Espalhamento manual, através de duas saídas
Espalhamento automático, através de r´qgua de 4.000 mm
Isolamento térmico
Control de pressão
Bomba com dupla câmara de aquecimento
Medidor automático de caudal
Medidor automático de velocidade e pressão de saída do produto
Medidor automático de velocidade lenta, na viatura
Fabrico Impac

Reservoir for storage, heating, and spreading of gasoline, 4,000 to 15,000 liters.

Diesel engine (A/E)
Fuel pump
Compressor, support for road painting and others...
Automatic burner
220V generator for other support purposes in construction sites
Thermal oil supply
Automatic temperature regulation
Float level sensor
Easy operation
Warranty, instructions, accessory support
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Automatic spreading bar

Automatic spreading bar with height adjustment through pneumatic jacks.
Spreading of naftas at 2500 mm with additional extensions on the left and right, totaling a spreading width of 4200 mm. The width can be increased if necessary.
Advantages: The product is projected under pressure, provided by the pump, and the spread is achieved through diffusers with a width of 350 mm, ensuring good penetration into aggregates, optimizing time and product economy.
Anti-clogging aluminum spreading diffusers, no disassembly required. Easy adjustment.
Pneumatic height-adjustable wheels for easy handling, and the spreading of naftas can be performed using one or two spray nozzles simultaneously or through the bar, with assistance from any operator.
Efficient system, operable in any situation, easy maintenance. Spreads various types of naftas, liquid adhesives, hot adhesives, tar, and other products.
There are numerous identical equipment operating in various countries. Demonstrations are available, and references can be provided.
Manufactured by IMPAC.

Tank for Naftas 80,000 liters

Steel sheet construction
Cylindrical shape; dished ends, castle; manhole; filling port; stainless steel hoses of 3"; self-loading.
The heating can be done through electric resistors, thermal oil, or diesel; gear pump with heating chamber of 2 1/2, 3 or 4".
7.5 Hp electric motor;
Temperature control
Thermal insulation
Lined with aluminum
Customer references
Manufactured by IMPAC.